Viewing surgery as an actual lifestyle change instead of just a diet

I apologize for not updating. We’ve been in the process of having our 3 year old evaluated for school district services. Baby girl qualifies for preschool under social/emotional delays and has some major sensory challenges the school OT observed. Lots of meetings at the school and we will still have another one to discuss her IEP once it’s written.

I wanted to talk about seeing losing and maintaining weight as a lifestyle change both physically and mentally instead of just a diet. You would think this would be common sense. I went into the process of bariatric surgery after having done extensive research and talking to a lot of people. I knew if I wanted to maintain my weight loss long term that I had to accept that I could never eat the exact same way again. Slipping back into old habits is how we can regain.

Sadly in bariatric groups it doesn’t seem to be actual common sense that we can’t eat the same way before. There are constant posts justifying constant poor eating post op. If you dare to say anything you are immediately labeled the food police. People want enabled in eating poorly. I get it. I miss those foods too. You also get accused of trying to pretend you are perfect. Except none of us are perfect or pretending to be perfect.

One thing that has struck me in the last year since I joined these groups is that no one who is long term and success has the prevalent attitude of “I can eat whatever I want.” It seems like anyone able to maintain their weight loss has said it is very much a life style change so I have really taken that into account.

The other thing is how unprepared many of us are post in OP in the reality of changing our relationships with food. There are constant posts about what can I eat at Mcdonalds at 1 or 2 weeks post OP and people enabling it then attacking anyone who says you need to heal first being attacked as the food police.

There has to be a balance and we have to learn about eating in real moderation.

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